Mounting an Antenna Outdoors

To build an antenna that is capable of withstanding the elements, there are a few more considerations  Here is a simple list of them as well as a few other technical tips for improvement.

Looking for how to build a DB4, DB8, or DB16 DIY Bowtie Antenna?

  • Outdoor installation
    • Coax Ground Block – No one wants a lightning strike to fry their television.  This is too help prevent that from happening. This one at amazon has great reviews and looks very professionally made – TII 212 Broadband Cable TV Lightning Surge Protector
    • Oil Based Wood Sealer – If you are using wood as a backbone, you will want to protect the wood.
      • A better outdoor choice may be to mount the whole antenna not to wood, but to PVC, which conducts interferes with the antenna signal less and is easier to mount to a pole
    • Consider using 8 or 10 gauge wire for durability
      • Wind and snow are the main enemies here
    • Use stainless steel(or copper) washers and screws so that they will not react with the copper
      • This will prevent a reaction from occuring that will eat away and corrode your connections when exposed to things like acidic rain and other weather conditions.
    • Use an outdoor balun

Complete Drawing of DB16 Antenna

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