Ditch Cable TV for an Antenna

This is a great way to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year.  First check out what stations you could pick up at TvFool  or AntennaWeb.  AntennaWeb.org offers a less detailed, realistic view of what you will be able to receive and TvFool offers the same but with more detail.

Why?  Well, even if you can’t get the signal at your house, chances are you can watch the show on the stations website.  For example, my wife and I can’t get CBS with our antenna(yet), so we go to CBS.com and watch Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement when there are new episodes.  Online access like this is only going to expand as companies like Netflix pay big money to get exclusive contracts.

The best part about this is that you can test it out before canceling your cable plan.  As long as you have a relatively new TV set, you just plug in an antenna and allow the TV to program itself.  With an older tv, you’ll need a converter box, check out Amazon.com.

Do NOT buy into the hype about HD antennas . . . you can use your bunny ears from 3 decades ago to receive the signal if you want. There is no difference.  In fact, you can build you own antenna using the plans from TV Antenna Plans.  I built that antenna from coat hangers and scrap wood from the local Home Depot.  In our 2nd story Port Orange apartment, we picked up 37 channels, with coat hangers!

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