Five Reasons You Need Nubian Goats

In reverse order from most sensible to most obviously adorable, the reasons you need a pair of Nubian goats is as follows:

5.  Goat milk and all you can make from it

Reasons you need a Nubian Goat #5 --- Goat Cheese!The obviously sensible reason for owning a goat, to make them earn their keep.  Nubian Goats are milking goats (as opposed to meat goats).

Aside from just drinking the milk, you can make goat cheese, mozzarella cheese and soap with certain materials and patience.

4.  Fertilizer

For the first 2 years, your goats will be little more than adorable fertilizer generators.  Luckily, if you believe in creating your own food security and the sustainable living message I am trying to share through my articles on this site, then you will understand just how wonderful having your own fertilizer generator is.

Goat fertilizer is referred to as “cold” fertilizer because it will not burn or hurt your plants if you put too much on.  I clean the goat stall of goat fertilizer (which doesn’t really smell) and used or wasted hay about every 3 weeks and distribute the “gold” they have produced to different plants throughout our yard.Keep your baby Nubian Goat Warm-- Why you need a Nubian Goat

3.  Baby Nubian Goats

If you want milk . . . you will inevitably end up with baby goats. Baby goats are cute, but baby nubian goats lifting up their adorable ears and playing with other baby nubian goats are especially adorable.

2.  Your own companionship, theirs and your subsequent happiness/laughter

Goats love companionship and as healthy as laughter is purported to be, you will have plenty to video and share with your friends while watching your goats and all of their peculiar habits.  How they fight with each other, the struggle to be Queen of the Hill, stretching and reaching with their tongue to get that one leaf that is blowing just out of reach in the wind, etc.



Nubians are a very sweet breed that will run up to you looking for your attention and scream (ours do literally) as soon as they hear or see you in the morning.

1.  Big Floppy Ears

Elsa the Nubian Goat Showing off her Fabulous EarsMaybe this should fall under #2, but the ears are so adorable I think they deserve their own category and to be # 1.  This is a unique trait to Nubian Goats and I have intentionally avoided talking about them even though that was hard to do.  I’ll let the picture speak for this one, Enjoy!

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