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Tamarind, grow your own food forest
Tamarind is a traditional food in many countries, but I myself had never paid much attention to them.  These trees are amazing trees in that they are both fast growing and highly wind resistant.  Usually fast growing trees have weak wood which breaks easily. Pros of Tamarind Trees Fruit can be left […]

Tamarind – Food Forest Permaculture

Air Layering Barbados Cherry Tree
The Barbados Cherry Tree is one of the best producers and a fast grower with or without fertilizer and water input. Barbados Cherry Vitamin C Content According to Vitamin C in Barbados cherry Malpighia glabra L. pulp submitted to processing and to different forms of storage, each 100 grams of cherry […]

Barbados Cherry Tree – Food Forest Permaculture

Tree Canopy microclimate
Protecting your trees in a frost (continued) How to protect trees & fruit in a freeze, Page 1 Hay Many trees will resprout in the spring if you protect at minimum the trunk of the tree from freezing.  You simply pile hay around the trunk as high as you want […]

Frost Protection for Trees & Fruit, Page 2

Protect trees, plants, and fruit from a freeze
All across the internet there are different ideas and opinions about ways to protect trees from a freeze.  I’ve listed out every method I know and the pros/cons of each, including, blankets, sprinklers, buckets of water, incandescent or Christmas lights, drip lines, propane, hay, fertilization, tree canopies, etc. Protect Trees […]

How to Protect Trees & Fruit in a Freeze, Complete ...

Freeze tolerance and cold hardiness of fruit trees
I live in an area that sometimes gets a freeze, but in the last 3 winters I have only had to protect my plants on two overnight occasions. (Thanks global warming? eek, what a thought) These are my personal notes for the plants I own and my own guide organized […]

Freeze Tolerance & Cold Sensitivity of Fruit Trees

Tamarind Fruit Tree, food forest permaculture
Here is a list of all fruit trees I have or want. Eventually, I hope to have a link up to each one of these with descriptions and my own experience growing! Please if there is a plant you are interested in without a link yet, comment below to motivate […]

Fruit Trees for your food forest