Natal Plum, Nom Nom
The Natal Plum, or scientifically, the Carissa Macrocarpa, is a tree common to South Africa where it gets its common name, the Nom Nom (Num Num) Tree, because it is so good to eat.  I have never seen a Natal Plum in a Nursery near me so in order to […]

Natal Plum Carissa Macrocarpa – Food Forest Permaculture

Chaya Spinach Tree, antidiabetic, antimutagenic, antioxidant Free food security
I’ll admit that I was at first very reluctant to order the Chaya Spinach Tree.  In fact, I never ordered it — it came as a “bonus” plant.  I’m glad I planted it and gave it a chance because this is probably one of the most amazing plants out of […]

Chaya Spinach Tree – Food Forest Permaculture