In general, items that are small, but expensive, i.e. Vanilla Extract, are cheaper to buy online and save you money.  Items that are heavy, large, or oddly shaped, i.e. computer paper and diapers, are cheaper to buy locally.  The reason for this is the cost of shipping mainly. BUYER BEWARE:  […]

Save on Items that are Cheap Online

Wet Stamps, Save on Monthly Bills
Another idea that might seem obvious to many would be saving money by not using stamps to pay bills.  Starting January 22, 2012 stamp prices will increase to 45 cents a piece for first class.  Here is a table to help you visualize how much you could save per year […]

Save Stamps – Pay your bills online, Float Cash

This is a great way to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year.  First check out what stations you could pick up at TvFool  or AntennaWeb. offers a less detailed, realistic view of what you will be able to receive and TvFool offers the same but with more detail. Why?  Well, […]

Ditch Cable TV for an Antenna