Antenna + Magic Box + Computer = Free High Definition TV
Well . . . almost free cable TV and DVR Replacement.  When it comes to saving money, eliminating recurring bills is king.  Cable TV and Satellite bills can be upwards of several hundred dollars per month. For about as low as $40 (one time) or up to a few hundred […]

Free HD Cable TV & DVR Replacement

Wet Stamps, Save on Monthly Bills
Another idea that might seem obvious to many would be saving money by not using stamps to pay bills.  Starting January 22, 2012 stamp prices will increase to 45 cents a piece for first class.  Here is a table to help you visualize how much you could save per year […]

Save Stamps – Pay your bills online, Float Cash

A phone that wants freedom
This may be obvious to many, but some have had a landline for so long, that not having one doesn’t seem right.  here is a list of pros and cons to help you decide if you really need to have one or not. Landline Pros 1)  You can send faxes!  […]

Lose the Landline Phone Pros & Cons

You can fit the whole family in this Cell phone plan
Moving your cell phone plan to a family plan is an amazing way to save money and I can’t find anything about it on the internet!  I’m not sure if that means it is obvious and everyone is doing it, or if everyone has been brainwashed into thinking they need their own […]

Join a Cell Phone Family Plan