Lose the Landline Phone Pros & Cons

A phone that wants freedom

This may be obvious to many, but some have had a landline for so long, that not having one doesn’t seem right.  here is a list of pros and cons to help you decide if you really need to have one or not.

Landline Pros

1)  You can send faxes!  Cell phones can’t do this, maybe with apps, but you’ll likely have to pay for those.  Truly, when was the last time you *had* to send a fax.  Almost anyone nowadays will accept a scanned copy of your fax by email.  Those that do often have access to a fax at work that they could use for free.  Worst case you spent a few dollars to fax at a local store that offers the service.  You will likely save more than that in a month without a phone line.  Don’t forget that many local businesses have fax machines and most wouldn’t mind helping a potential customer by allowing them to use their fax machine.

2)  Ease of use/location – A home phone can be extended to multiple handsets in each room so that you don’t need to go running across the house to get your cell phone you left in the kitchen.  That is, if you remembered to turn it off of vibrate

3)  Phones have Caller ID – Cell phones tell you the number but can only tell you the name if you have programmed them to.

4)  I’m sure I’m missing several good reasons, but I can’t think of them because I have never owned a landline phone.

Landline Cons

1) You can’t get in your car and drive away while still receiving calls.

2) Cell phones these days are including more and more unlimited and diverse functionality.

3) Your paying twice for the same service if you own a cell phone

I am always in favor of simplifying your life.  The simple, cheap choice would be to ditch you cell phone and use only voice service through your home phone.  The truly ambitious could get rid of both.  Most of us, however, prefer the portability of cell phones.  (In my life, portability is a con and a pro for cell phones!)

So stop giving your money away for a service you are already paying far to much for, ditch your landline.  You’ll even save on your electric bill once you get rid of all of those power vampires(more on that soon to come) that feed your handsets.

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