Free HD Cable TV & DVR Replacement

Well . . . almost free cable TV and DVR Replacement.  When it comes to saving money, eliminating recurring bills is king.  Cable TV and Satellite bills can be upwards of several hundred dollars per month.

For about as low as $40 (one time) or up to a few hundred (if you don’t own a computer), you could eliminate that recurring bill and save thousands every year.  Lets dispel any myths you might have about doing this:

Myth #1 The quality will be bad

The broadcasts you pick up will be in 720p HDTV

Myth #2 I won’t be able to record shows

Windows Media Center will schedule and record series automatically for you to watch tomorrow or months later in high definition.

Myth #3 Its illegal to get free TV

This is absolutely not true, the over the air high definition broadcasts are free with no recurring fees.  There are even free satellite broadcasts and in some cases free channels on the cable companies cable coming into your home.  Illegal would be decrypting a signal that you would otherwise have to pay for.

Myth #4 I’ll need a bunch of expensive equipment to ditch cable tv

Free yourself from Cable TV with less than a $100 one time purchase.The basic components are an Antenna, an HdHomeRun device, a router, and a computer running windows 7 or 8 (not Windows 10)

Most readers are missing the HdHomeRun device which is the key piece of the system.  It converts the antenna signal into a TV tuner your computer can see.  Windows Media Center (free part of Windows 7/8) will detect the tuner and download TV guide data, running just like a traditional DVR.

Ready to get rid of your monthly fee cable tv for free over the air tv?

Most readers already own a router and computer.  If you are close to the broadcasting stations, you can build your own antenna out of something as simple as a piece of wood and wire coat hangers.

For around the cost of one cable bill you can buy everything you need brand new including the antenna.  If you want to save some time by spending a little more money initially, you can get everything you need from the links to amazon below.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT (2-Tuner)
4 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna – 60 Mile Range


My wife and I have not had a cable bill for 8 years (8*12*$40 = $3840 saved).  We use Windows Media Center to record our favorite series and watch them later in high definition.  Nowadays in particular Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube are nearly infinite sources of entertainment.

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