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To build an antenna that is capable of withstanding the elements, there are a few more considerations  Here is a simple list of them as well as a few other technical tips for improvement. Looking for how to build a DB4, DB8, or DB16 DIY Bowtie Antenna? Outdoor installation Coax […]

Mounting an Antenna Outdoors

The complete schematic, as close to scale as is possible with Paint
UPDATE 1/13/2011 – Finished building this and it is large.  For an outdoor installation or an attic you can stand in this won’t be a problem, but you have to crouch in my attic.  Even outdoors, this antenna had only comparable real world performance to the DB8 I had designed […]

How to build a better DB4, DB8, or DB16 TV ...

Is 6ft too tall for your attic?  Although vertical is more efficient than horizontal, you could literally cut this design in half and mount the two antennas side by side with 6.75”(1 quarter wavelength) of space between the sides of each DB4’s bowties.  The ideal distance would be one full wavelength of […]

Make a DB8 from Two Horizontal DB4’s

If you wanted a more flexible foundation, perhaps 1" boards would work for you? 23
For years I have scoffed at our noisy box spring, but when we started co-sleeping with our toddler, the noise was too much.  Why did I delay replacing it?  I didnt want to pay for a new box spring that might have the same problem and I wasnt sure if […]

Build your own Box Spring – Twin, Full, Queen, King ...