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Farm fences, aka welded wire fence, cattle fence, barb wire fencing, livestock fencing, etc are a fact of life when living with land.  We wanted our children to be able to safely play in front of our house without us worrying about them wandering into the road or people wandering […]

How to build a farm fence with drive gate.

Tension a sagging fence
7 Fencing Mistakes Are you thinking about building a fence?  Be sure you don’t make the following mistakes or learn how to fix some common problems you might have with your own fence. Fencing Mistake #1 –  Too much slack in the fence material. Too much slack is hard to […]

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Farm Fence

Brace welded wire fence with spike nails and bracing wire
Want to build a good looking and long lasting welded wire farm fence?  There are lots of different opinions on what is best or proper.  There are many questions to answer when building a fence.  What fence height?  Which posts should I use?  What type of fencing material?  How much […]

How do you build a welded wire farm fence?

Have you ever been to those communities with the fancy keypad entry systems?  I’ve even lived in one and it was often broken!  Maybe you already have a gate or would like more security or don’t want to open a gate in the rain.  In any case, motorizing your gate […]

How do you Install a Drive Gate with Automatic Opener

Drip line swivel Action!
Looking for the best DIY Garden Watering System that will be cheap, effective, and easy to maintain?  You’ve come to the right place.  My wife and I are on Garden 7.0 and we’ve learned a lot through all of those revisions. Past Garden Watering Systems Garden 1.0 – Use shovel […]

Best Drip Irrigation Garden Watering System Setup

Highly Not Recommended type of Drip Line Emitter
Do you have a drip line system that is gushing water or not watering at all?  Even though drip line repair is simple and cheap, I’ve noticed many drip line systems in disrepair and most likely if you’re here, yours is too. Below are the numerous problems and repairs I’ve made over years […]

Broken Drip Line Repair & Troubleshooting

Better Power Wheels battery replacement
Power wheels battery dying or just not lasting long enough?  Upgrading a power wheels battery is a great way for kids to get a lot more enjoyment out of their toy.  While this guide will not make your child’s power wheels run any faster, it will make it run much longer, […]

How to upgrade a Power Wheels Battery (longer lasting)

Finished Fence pull with ratchet straps, no fence puller or come along
I’ve always had a dilemma when it came to pulling fence tight.  I’ve tried everything from using my lawn mower to a car including fashioning my own fence pulling devices.  You’re supposed to have a tractor and a device to spread the force across the fence or in the case of […]

Pull a fence without a fence puller or come-along

Antenna + Magic Box + Computer=Free High Definition TV
Well . . . almost free cable TV and DVR Replacement.  When it comes to saving money, eliminating recurring bills is king.  Cable TV and Satellite bills can be upwards of several hundred dollars per month. For about as low as $40 (one time) or up to a few hundred […]

Free HD Cable TV & DVR Replacement

Compact DB8 Antenna Hole Marks
You may have noticed that this site has two DB8 Antenna Designs.  We have the common DB8 on this page, and we also have the DB4 and DB16 versions available for that design, but we also have an optimized DB8.  The optimized DB8 is better on paper for the channels […]

How to build a DB8 Antenna

Where to put the holes for a DB4 Bowtie Antenna 1
The DB4 Antenna.  Simple, very cheap, and very effective.  If you are within 30-40 miles of your TV stations, then this is the antenna for you.  Before you do your build, check out the tools on this page to see how many stations you might get and how far away […]

How to build a DB4 Antenna

Where to mark your holes for the DB16 Antenna, This is only one half of the DB16, you must do this twice on two different pieces of wood ~43" long each 1
If you’ve been looking around this site you may have noticed that I tried to build a DB8 that was superior to the many versions of popular DIY bowtie DB4 antenna’s across the web.  Well it was large, did not fit in my attic, and performed about the same in […]

How to build a DB16 Antenna