Companion Plants

Natal Plum, Nom Nom
The Natal Plum, or scientifically, the Carissa Macrocarpa, is a tree common to South Africa where it gets its common name, the Nom Nom (Num Num) Tree, because it is so good to eat.  I have never seen a Natal Plum in a Nursery near me so in order to […]

Natal Plum Carissa Macrocarpa – Food Forest Permaculture

The Passiflora edulis, or passion fruit, is a tropical vine that is native to parts of South America. Some other names for it are passion flower and passion vine. Pros of Passion Fruit Vine Vigorous grower Very little fertilizer and water input (I water mine weekly but rarely ever give it […]

Passiflora Edulis – Passion Fruit Vine

Chaya Spinach Tree, antidiabetic, antimutagenic, antioxidant Free food security
I’ll admit that I was at first very reluctant to order the Chaya Spinach Tree.  In fact, I never ordered it — it came as a “bonus” plant.  I’m glad I planted it and gave it a chance because this is probably one of the most amazing plants out of […]

Chaya Spinach Tree – Food Forest Permaculture

Tamarind Fruit Tree, food forest permaculture
Here is a list of all fruit trees I have or want. Eventually, I hope to have a link up to each one of these with descriptions and my own experience growing! Please if there is a plant you are interested in without a link yet, comment below to motivate […]

Fruit Trees for your food forest